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The Hindu marriage system is sacramental.

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I wonder if Islamic Ideology Council and Clergy in Pakistan have ever spared their precious time in doing something effective in this connection. The whole family experiences psychological trauma due to society bred customs and norms regarding marriage.

Many couples these days choose to live independently and it is said that dowry that mostly includes gifting cash, furniture, car and other such assets acts as a financial support for them and helps them to begin their new life on a good note.

Creative Anger, Pakistan and Context Theatre UK presented a play on the issues of dowry at the concluding ceremony of the conference. In our male-dominated society, women basically depend on male-domination.

Despite 59 years of independence there is no sign and signal of discarding this system which over the years has graduated from a custom to an institution.

Here are essays of varying lengths on the Dowry System to help you with the topic in your exam. Effects of Dowry System: And this illogical ritual is followed since many centuries before. Dowry in India is very common and typically a transfer of wealth from the brides family to the husband.

There are several reasons for the occurrence of the dowry system, but the main one is that it is a necessary precondition for marriage. The government has enacted many laws to check its misuse. The Dowry Prohibition Act, in force since 1st Julywas passed with the purpose of prohibiting the demanding, giving and taking of dowry.

Proper education of girls would be helpful in educating girls and women of their rights. Hence, even though they cannot afford many families end up throwing lavish wedding functions and giving numerous gifts to the groom and his relatives.

There is no check on the exchange of gifts and dowry given during marriages. Now- a-days this problem has created a lot of hue and cry in our country. The dowry system is an age old system and a peculiar phenomenon of the Indian society.

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It would be unethical if not criminal on the part of the civil society to keep on overlooking, shelving and justifying dowry violence in the name of religion and or a ritual. Caste-based practices have only added fuel to the fire. Providing huge dowry in such cases works and this evil practice seems as a boon for those who are able to find buy groom for their daughters.

Education has already weakened its vicious hold. It is quite obvious that result of Dowry system has been always very bad for all and further it will be more dangerous. Thus, dowry system has spread in almost all parts of the country and sections of society.

In our Indian society there are numerous problems like superstitions, illiteracy, cast system and dowry system, etc. Now-a-days we are also observing the same, the different status of boy and girl in a family.

Pakistani women till to date like their South Asian counterparts face discriminatory; laws and practices as victims, as witnesses, and as accused persons. However, it has turned into an evil social system over the years.

Firstly, illiteracy must be eradicated from our society; Secondly, female members of our society be treated as like male members.

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A later modification of this system has paved way for the present dowry system primarily practiced by the society. In some case bride grooms are demanding money for their education and for constructing buildings.

The institution is epitomized by a number of rituals both old and new courtesy Star plus soaps which can be safely bracketed under the dowry system. Many parliamentary debates led to some amendments inand On the other hand the Bride who is sold is treated as a property and is entitled to be sold further.

A chronology of main activities and short term achievements may substantiate the innovative aspects of FAD and show how passion can overcome material barriers.

Though the Government has promulgated certain anti-dowry laws, these have not produced the desired results. Conclusion It is sad how even after completely understanding the ill effects of the dowry system people in India still continue to practice it.

The program was highly appreciated by the viewers and they suggested through their mails a wide range of social issues that needed to be highlighted. Families arrange most marriages, and a man who does not marry for love; he can marry for wealth.

More and voluntary organizations should come forward to better the lot of women in India.very short essay on dowry system Essays — StudentShare The New topic very short essay on dowry system is one of the most popular assignments among students x27; documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples.

Essays on New topic very short essay on dowry system The New topic very short essay on dowry system is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and.

December Dowry: The most frequently forgotten form of gender violence in Pakistan By Dr - Dowry System introduction. Rakhshinda Perveen Pakistan, Gender based Violence: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is riddled by contrasts in almost every sector. Essay on Dowry System in India Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 4, By Anurag Roy This essay on Dowry System is sub-divided into the following parts: introduction, status of women, dowry laws, main culprit of.

Essay on “The Dowry System” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Here is your essay on Dowry System in India Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindu customs of ‘kanyadan’ and ‘stridhan’.

In ‘kanyadan’, the father of the bride offers the father of the groom money or property, etc whereas for ‘stridhan’, the bride herself gets jewelry and clothes at the time of her marriage, usually from her relatives or friends.

Very short essay on dowry system
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