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It would seem to be clear that neither of these conditions has been met; therefore, the argument is that if the United States were to "back down" from the embargo before gaining concessions, this would come across as a sign of weakness see ProCon. On the balance, though, it would seem that the European UnionUnited Nations, and Obama are correct in seeing the American embargo against Cuba as a relic of the Cold War that no longer adequately reflects the real nature of the relationship between the United States and Cuba.

Donath, Mirjam, and Louis Charbonneau. Over the course of this discussion, a key point that has emerged is the fact that the American embargo against Cuba would very much seem to be a relic from foreign policy from the era of the Cold War, and that it is inappropriate in light of the geopolitical configuration of the modern world today.

In the year of Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista government in Cuba and began ruling over the nation.

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As Renwick and Lee have written: The United States began to ban imports from and us cuba relations essay writer to Cuba and also implement restrictions on American travel to Cuba. Relations went downhill, however, as Castro began to actually implement a Communist public policy within his nation and drew into closer alliance with the Soviet Union.

Renwick, Danielle, and Brianna Lee. In truth, though, not only has the Cold War been over for more than 25 years, it is also the case that Fidel Castro is no longer the acting leader of the nation of Cuba. In effect, insofar as the embargo against Cuba has the character of a kind of negative treaty, Obama can utilize his powers as Head of State in order to reach out to Cuba and normalize at least some aspects of the relationship between the two nations.

Moreover, there have been talks going on between the United States and Cuba in Canada over the last year; and the focus of these talks have been nothing other than the normalization of relations between the two nations, including agreements regarding the mutual release of prisoners.

It provides an example of how the writing process works at Ultius. Soon after, Castro and the United States had a series of problems that led to the full trade embargo against Cuba.

Castro began talks of revolutions in other Latin America countries.

U.S. and Cuba Relations

It is worth noting, however, that although the political landscape of the world changed dramatically with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, these changes have not been reflected in any meaningful way in the relationship between the Cuba and the United States.

Recently, though, President Obama has taken steps to normalize relations with Cuba. This did not sit well with the United States and the two countries began a series of actions and counteractions against each other.

Of course, this timeline coincides with the end of the Cold War: In short, the embargo seems to reflect a certain lack of proportion that only becomes intelligible if it is considered within the context of the Cold War; and now that the Cold War is over, it is perhaps time to revise American foreign policy in light of present realities.

This produces a strange situation in which the immigrants from Cuba may themselves be the most outspoken critics of that nation.“Nothing is ever simple in relations between the United States and Cuba”.

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After we cut all relations with Cuba, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s then-leader, turned to their fellow-communist ally, the USSR, who was our enemy at the time.

Cuba and US relations

The USSR placed nuclear missiles in as many as 32 different places in Cuba, targeted at. The United States first imposed a full trade embargo on Cuba on February 3,after the Kennedy Administration became convinced that Castro was moving rapidly toward the establishment of a totalitarian regime in alliance with the Soviet Union.

Read the full-text online edition of The United States, Cuba, and Castro: An Essay on the Dynamics of Revolution and the Dissolution of Empire (). United States--Foreign Relations--Cuba; Table of contents.

Relations between Cuba and the United States. Implications and both political and economic consequences for Latin America and the rest of the world. Analyze and present a vision. Shall be taken into account: argumentative elaboration, conceptual precision, originality, rich and expressive vocabulary and narrative style.

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