Torn paper collage

Finishing Touches After the collage is fully dried, the journal page lays flat again and is ready for the finishing touches. This acrylic paint layer will be insulating the watercolor paper from the collage paper.

Did students fill the space? This will add to their knowledge about some of the elements of art. Small font, tight rows of printed words, and grayish color of the paper made me think about aspen and birch tree bark. If the student wishes they may extend the face design onto another plane by adding extra pieces and gluing to a bigger sheet of paper.

Curriculum Connection Family Involvement Give each child a sheet of contact paper to take home. This is the result of my first experimental collage.

Tear pages from catalogs and magazines. Highlights are added with white paint diluted for transparency. Torn paper is well covered with the acrylic medium, and the archival quality is not an issue anymore.

I knew that charcoal will be smeared a little with the matte medium. Original art is available from my newly opened online Etsy shop: Background Random stamps and stencils with acrylic paint are used to add design to the solid red cardstock. Continue filling in the shapes of the trees.

First time I made an art journal page with torn telephone book pages simply as an experiment. Details on the tree trunks are added with acrylics. If you have painted your collage papers, try to use darker colored bits on the bottom and shaded areas of the trees.

What color is this tissue paper? Ask them to find papers that are the same.

Torn Paper Collage Portrait

This time I made sure that collaged papers are well embedded in acrylic medium, which makes the finished painting archival. Set Up and Prepare Collect the suggested paper materials. You can also introduce them to new vocabulary as you engage them in describing the types of paper they chose.

No need to finish anything or even like it. For this project Soft Body Liquitex acrylics were used. Secure a large sheet of clear contact paper to a wall or table with the "sticky" side out.

Large and small paint brushes, sponges for stenciling. It will be interesting to note the differences in faces even when students choose the same photocopied face for a base. I asked her to write up a tutorial and she was kind enough to oblige! Later Oksana continued practicing art and crafts, and she considers herself a self-taught artist.

The students will be instructed to create a collage using the face as a base.

Torn-Paper Collages

Acrylic paints of your choice. More distant trees, foreground bushes and grasses, and some small details to the tree trunks are added. Art journaling does not require expensive art supplies and more often non-archival materials can be used for the art journal pages.

Some may be used, unaltered, some painted. Demonstrate how they can tear the different types of paper and boxes and attach the pieces to the "sticky" contact paper. The teacher will lead the students in a discussion about the human face and how it has been portrayed in art throughout history.

We will view works by a variety of artists. I did not care about non-archival quality of the telephone book pages. My art journal is a junk journal, where I have magazine clippings, newspaper prints, junk mail, old book pages, music sheets, greeting cards, etc.Sharon Krulak Baltimore, Maryland Artist Statement: “Torn Paper Collage” has recently become my creative outlet, passion and art expression after many years as an Interior Designer & Custom Home Builder.

Collage/Torn Paper Art,Texas artist Ginger Brunson, Emma in Galveston,Texas Find this Pin and more on Torn paper art by Judith Moore. Sarah Pinyan posted Torn Paper Art,Ginger Brunson, Emma in Galveston,Texas to her -nice signs- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Torn Paper Collage | Torn Paper Art - Violets Find this Pin and more on. Sep 09,  · Introduction: How to Make a Paper Collage By JaceVerde Follow Paper collage is a technique of an art production where the artwork is created using an assemblage of different forms and shapes using paper.

Mar 22,  · Torn paper collage technique is not a new invention. It is a well known method of using torn bits of variety of papers to fill in shapes, to add texture and color to backgrounds. Torn paper technique is popular in scrapbooking, card making craft, and fine art work.

Today I. 1. Choose a photo for reference to create your torn paper collage. 2. Sketch the photo image and background design on paper. Tack the sketch to the wall. 4. Tear large pieces of desired colored handmade and commercial acid-free papers for the background.

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You will be working from the background to. For this project, you will be using TORN PAPER to create a COLLAGE! You can use virtually any kind of paper you can find. •Magazines, newspapers, junk mail.

Torn paper collage
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