The royal danish theater project

The architecture of the new Theater therefore reinforces The royal danish theater project sense that the impact of the theatrical performances staged therein will remain with the audience well past the event and out beyond the physical confines of the building itself, and thus that the art of the theater is relevant and meaningful in everyday existence.

Visual Act replaced the control system and using Sprint DC drives, supplied the much needed upgrade at a far reduced cost. The networks allow for communication to all devices in the system. With the Visual Act 3D System the point hoists can be grouped together to form an object that can be attached to a single point and be moved around the stage.

Old Stage, The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

The flytower is the most recognizable physical expression of the theater building type. This new theater will serve as a link between the old theater district at the Nyhavn and the new civic area being developed across the harbor, creating an urban ensemble that unites the old city, the waterfront, and the new civic area in the Holmen in a manner that is experientially greater than each of its constituent elements.

Here, as well, the future metro stop could be located. Each module is rigged from the fly loft that rises above the entire black box with a grid deck 20 meters above the stage.

The Visual Act Control System can easily synchronize these movements. At the Danish Royal Theatre two touring desks are rail mounted on one of the galleries. The second type, Visual act Touring Desk uses a touch screen and is more compact and suitable for operation from a variety of locations.

Lowering the lift below the seating level provides an orchestra pit below the stage apron that houses 35 musicians. Many of the large axes within the theatre are operated with hydraulic pressure.


In order to achieve great flexibility, with minimal labor and changeover time, 20 sectional row lifts have been arranged side by side. There are six light bridges moved by hydraulic winches, five smaller light bridges with a capacity for kg and a stroke of The lifts can travel from basement level, to stage level, to gallery level, and anywhere in between allowing sunken and raised seating and staging.

Each flybar is suspended from five cables. September — August Customer: The project has been a milestone for Visual Act as it has been one of our biggest to date; axes of movement are controlled by the Visual Act Control System. The gallery railings are removable and The royal danish theater project adjustable to serve the various gallery functions.

The six existing lighting bridges were upgraded to increase the load capacity to kg. The Royal Danish Playhouse:Royal Danish Ballet (Photography & Art Direction) MA Project - The Royal Danish Theatre (Design and photography) GUM.

Human Resources Iconography. The Lion and The Mouse (Illustration & design) Visual Identity for The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen. Photography. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Jul 22,  · Excellent ballet at the Royal Danish Theatre First, it's important to know that there are three different sites for the Kongelige Teater (Royal Danish Theater). One site is right next to the Kongens Nytorv metro site, and it is the old theatre, shown in the picture accompanying this webpage/5().

The Royal Danish Theatre At the centre of Hans Christian Andersen’s universe, when he arrived in Copenhagen, was the Kongelige Teater – or as it’s better known to tourists, The Royal Danish Theatre.

PROJECT TEXT: The proposed design provides the City of Copenhagen with a new Royal Danish Theater that is an iconic, landmark building appropriate in stature and presence to its prominent waterfront location along the Kvæsthusbro, in a manner that also respects the uniquely nuanced urban position that this new building will occupy.

The Royal Danish Theatre Det Kongelige Teater, or the Royal Danish Theatre, is the royal performing arts institution of Denmark founded in The RDT operates four venues: the Old Stage, the primary seat performance venue built in ; the Copenhagen Opera House; the Staerekassen, an Art Deco theatre adjacent to the main venue; and.

Old Stage, The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark. Visual act Touring Desk on rail. Installation of the overstage machinery at the Old Stage, The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The royal danish theater project
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