The potential power of gene therapy essay

Gene therapy has been observed in animals and lower organisms. It should be based on scrutiny of risks and benefits for the individual patient with the thought of its wider implications.

Gene Therapy - The Future Is Here!

Innovation in the areas of drug delivery i. In this example the guanine G -oytosine C pair is incorrect. The abnormalities which are carried through X chromosome are termed as X- linked diseases.

The selection of a gene delivery system depends on the target cell, the duration of gene expression required for therapeutic effect, and the size of the piece of DNA to be used in the gene therapy.

Delivery of genes into cells: Viral vectors, mammalian artificial chromosome etc. Genes can be delivered into cells in different ways. Few modified viral vectors include pox viruses, adenoviruses, retroviruses, herpes viruses and lentiviruses.

The rDNA molecules were first duplicated and grown in bacteria in The effects in the next generation would be tough to assess especially if it involves germ line cells.

Essay on Gene Therapy | Genetics

For example, in disorders such as cystic fibrosis, haemophilia, and muscular dystrophy linked to mutation in the dystrophin genechanges in a gene directly result in the condition. Genetic correction has been attempted successfully in fruit flies and mice.

Among human, gene therapy has been considered depending upon severity of diseases, which included deficiency like ADA and PNP, urea cycle defeats, or Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. It has been assumed to be helpful in different diseases such as severe combined immunodeficiency, cancer, growth hormone deficiency, cystic fibrosis, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, duchenne muscular dystrophy, influenza, malaria, H3V infection, diabetes mellitus, sickle cell disease, hemophilia, factor IX deficiency, Lesch-Nyhan disease and ADA and PNP deficiencies, PKU, galactosemia, Wernicke-Korsakoff encephalopathy etc.

Somatic cell gene therapy: The genetic factor can be wholly or partially responsible for the disease. The main concern is the uncertainty i.

Importance and Uses of Gene Therapy for Human | Essay

Criteria for Gene Therapy:ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Gene Therapy! Essay on the History of Gene Therapy: Gene therapy was conceived inthe breakthrough was the synthesis of recombinant DNA molecule (rDNA) in The rDNA molecules were first duplicated and grown in bacteria in Short Review Gene Therapy – Potential, Pros, Cons And Ethics Ananth N.

Department of Biochemistry, Center for Basic Sciences, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore -INDIA Citation: Ananth N. Gene Therapy–Potential, Pros, Cons And Ethics.

Online J Health Allied gene therapy has pooled, is the in utero use of gene. The Therapeutic Potential of Gene Therapy Essay - A novel therapeutic modality, gene therapy is the transfer of nucleic acids – DNA or RNA – into select somatic (body) cells to correct genetic defects or produce therapeutic proteins.

Gene therapy is the treatment of disease by replacing, altering, or supplementing a gene that is absent or abnormal and whose absence or abnormality is responsible for the disease. Gene therapy may use the genetic material, DNA, itself as the means of treatment.

Some scientists view gene therapy in a positive light, citing the advantages of the potential for a permanent cure, the ability to treat a wide range of diseases, and the ability to inhibit the effects of disease promoting proteins.

Human gene therapy is a procedure that is being used in an attempt to treat genetic and other diseases. Many ethical, social and safety concerns are being raised on the use of human genetic engineering.

The potential power of gene therapy essay
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