The need for reeds supermarket to segment its consumers

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Having an increase in their intake of private labels will create more choices for consumers and will allow to increase store traffic, and thus sales and margins. Reed is a high-end supermarket that provides customers high-quality products and services.

Therefore, this indicates the need for having additional private labels as a part of the action plan for Reed Supermarkets Paley, They are also known for healthy products so they can concentrate better on that niche. Announcing more specials and having double couponing would drive traffic and increase sales as well, however, consumers will still only shop the specials and purchase those items that are coupon-eligible.

External environment — Opportunities and Threats Some of the possibilities include the economic slowdown expected to end. Becuase of this change, shoppers choose and only visit the store during promotions and discounts and then buy the rest of their grocery elsewhere.

These units create a great value for customers by providing one-stop shopping. By25 stores opened in Michigan and Illinois. Reed Supermarkets should improve upon the product mix by presenting more private labels. Reed Supermarkets is facing fresh threats and worries to its position as a market leader amid the supermarkets in the region as well as from rivals such as dollar stores and the other stores that offer lower and attractive price points.

Reed has created an atmosphere about itself by having several features like attractive supermarkets, night hours, high-end service case displays and excellent customer services.

Reed Case Supermarkets - Assignment Example

What strategy would be most effective for Reed moving forward? This particular strategy in the private labels will send a clear message to retailers such as Aldi not to enter the high-end market with private labels.

One method the chain is suggesting more private label brands in their stores. More so, the rival retailer has lower annual sales compared to Reed Supermarkets. It terms of market segmentationseveral dollar-stores have come into the market and popped up in different convenient positions for the consumers.

Analysis of Reed Supermarket Case&nbspEssay

Evaluation of Alternatives The first option is to eliminate the dollar specials and encourage an everyday low pricing strategy. Marketing and Promotion Reed Supermarkets ought to make the most of the incorporated marketing channel of online and print advertisements to promote the fresh initiatives of adding of more private labels, organic food and ready food.

With attractive stores and convenient locations, long hours, and exceptional customer service, Reed can distinguish itself from the rest of its competitors. The last alternative is to create a price strategy and show how Reed commits to reducing its prices to satisfy its loyal consumers. The next step is to improve its product mix.

The Columbus market, which has the biggest market sharewas comparatively steady; however Reed had experienced diffident share deteriorations in previous periods.Reed Supermarkets is a high-end supermarket chain with operations in several Midwestern states.

Meredith Collins, vice president of marketing, visits stores located in Columbus, Ohio, an important region with the largest market and.

Reed Supermarkets: A New Wave of Competitors

Case Analysis Reed Supermarket: A new Wave of Competitors Zara Bagramian Veronica Robayo Brand Strategy BMK Robert Carroll. Stores openings from to Whole Foods Market Walmart Target prices in consumer minds No. Low price stores have big volume of products, basic.

The Dependence on Reeds Supermarket to Segment It has the Consumers

Small market share: Aldi (%) & Dollar (%) where as Reeds (%) Operating profit:Reed () and that of Aldi () while dollar store (3+) is different customer segment Reeds quality index is very high compare to Aldi & Dollar Store 8.

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A New Wave of Competitors Walid Yaqoobi Laura Andujar Giovanna Llenas Porcella Rohan Joseph Reed Supermarkets Columbus market share Action plan Market segmentation.

• Case discusses Reed’s market strategy for the Columbus, Ohio • 3rd largest metropolitan area in Ohio • Population: 2 million, Median income- $ • Intense competition in Grocery supermarket sector • Three competitors of Reed’s supermarket 1.

Start studying Retail Test 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. the consumer may not have a store choice in mind but may have a strong preference for the brand to purchase.

For a retailer to successfully reach its target market using market segmentation, three criteria must be bet: the.

The need for reeds supermarket to segment its consumers
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