The importance of women in the western expansion in the late 1800s

There was no clear victor, although both the U. All the rest were farmers. Winters were bitterly cold. The weather also was a problem. Read more about The Mountain Meadows Massacre. Both the settlers and the Indians were guilty of violence. Lawrence Riverbuilding communities that remained stable for long stretches; they did not simply jump west the way the British did.

He usually put all his efforts into producing just one or two crops. The most efficient route to market remained along waterways and access to New Orleans remained crucial for the western economy and its settlement. To farm the plains, he needed barbed wire for fences, and plows and other new equipment.

Westward Expansion

Finally, they appealed to the United States Supreme Court. They rejected the British plan to set up an Indian state in U. The railroads said the laws were not constitutional, because they interfered with the right of Congress to control trade between the states.

After some negotiation—Peabody preferred Harvard—Marsh got his way. It had a stratified society comprising a powerful upper-class white landowning gentry, a small middle-class, a fairly large group of landless or tenant white farmers, and a growing slave population at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Since construction began in earnest after the end of the war, most of the workers on the Union Pacific were Army veterans and Irish immigrants who had come to the U.

The first treaty signed following the passage of the act was on September 27, Cincinnati, in present-day southwest Ohio, provides a good example of the speed of western expansion during the early republic.

The establishment of roads and canals, and later, railroads, was a critical factor in the settlement of the West. Despite the opposition by Whigs—Polk was a Democrat—the U.

In JanuarySanta Anna learned of the U. Texas had won independence from Mexico inalthough Mexico refused to officially acknowledge the republic or its borders. So a plains farmer had to grow crops that were in big demand.

They had little fuel for heating and cooking. In a decision inthe Supreme Court said states had a legal right to control costs of railroad transportation.

21a. The Importance of the West

He was part of the Texas Revolution and died at the Alamo. After a two and half year journey—the first transcontinental expedition—the Corps of Discovery arrived back in St.

As before the Civil War, landowners were the primary beneficiaries of the cotton boom because the work and economic conditions for sharecroppers and field workers remained poor.Westward Expansion Facts Dates Where Western Territories Of The United States Events Indian Removal Act Klondike Gold Rush The Lewis And Clark Expedition War Of Louisiana Purchase Monroe Doctrine Mexican American War Transcontinental Railroad Homestead Act Kansas-Nebraska Act California Gold Rush.

Around the time of westward expansion women didn't have as many of the rights that they do now. Women's role in westward expansion helped show that they could do anything that a man could do.

How the Western United States Was Settled

they showed that they were not as helpless as many thought they were and helped themselves gain rights. The American frontier comprises the geography, history, folklore, and cultural expression of life in the forward wave of American expansion that began with English colonial settlements in the early 17th century and ended with the admission of the last mainland territories as states in The cattle industry rose in importance as the railroad provided a practical means for getting the cattle to market.

The loss of the bison and growth of white settlement drastically affected the lives of the Native Americans living in the West. Cincinnati, in present-day southwest Ohio, provides a good example of the speed of western expansion during the early killarney10mile.comd in as a fort to repel Shawnee and Miami Indian attacks, it served a chiefly military purpose until the major Indian defeat at Fallen Timbers in By the late s, certain new "conveniences" were available to alleviate some of women’s manual tasks.

The sewing machine is one example. First patented in the s, the sewing machine was initially so expensive that they were only purchased by factories which mass produced clothing.

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The importance of women in the western expansion in the late 1800s
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