The changing status of women essay

Descriptions of status as high or low often amounts only to making very generalized statements. Various Committees and Commissions emphasised the need for equalisation of educational opportunities.

Here the complete responsibility lies on the shoulders of the male to educate and encourage the females to step forward and to play their role in developmental processes. Women are not only for home-making and child-rearing but they must also be given chance to put their hands a little forward in building up of a good solid society.

According to the report of the Committee on the Status of Women in Indiathe number of female employees in the categories of professional, technical and related workers, primary and middle school teachers has been continuously rising since So we should never think that a society would come into existence without the contribution of women.

482 Words Essay on The Changing Role of Women in India

From behavioral to health education women have their hands in. Today women have the right to own and control their own property.

Short Essay on the Changing Status of Women in Our Society

The Constitution of India provided for special steps to be taken by the government to improve the condition of women by separate institutions. Immediately after independence it was realised that unless half of our population are exposed to educational process, modernisation of our society would be a distant dream.

Subsequently Indian women have gradually moved towards self-reliance and independence. No longer do women write books depicting their insecurities and injustices. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of women getting out of the four walls of the household and becoming workers in both cities and villages, according to the census report.

Women Status: Essay on the Status of Women

It is generally seen that in all mammals, including human, it is the male who commands power over a female, though in a few cases, a female also might exercise control over a male. Working of women with men in the fields was once considered honoured one but today withdrawing womenfolk from manual work on farms is a symbol of high status in the countryside.

However, it has become more and more evident as the revolution ages that Indian women may have to adapt the Western feminist method to their very traditional and religious culture. Control of pregnancy is increasingly viewed as desirable.

Changing Status of Women after the Independence of India

This Act does not permit wage discrimination between male and female workers. A century ago women had no legal right, nor did they possess any property. The Director General of Employment and Training data for selected professions in public and private sectors identify teaching, medical and health, clerical and related workers and telephone operators as the four occupations.Short Essay on the Changing Status of Women in Our Society Article shared by The new industrial system has taken a share of women’s work out of the home and put it in the factory.

Women all over North America and Europe felt the change in society, the change in the workplace and the changes of the woman's status.

Preliminary Research: Duffy, Michael. Essay on The Changing Role of Women - Today, women are an integral part of all organizations, and contribute to the world just as much as men. Many of the most influential women throughout history are Americans; however, these women have had to fight against society, and struggle against the odds in order to gain the freedom and power they have today.

Read this comprehensive essay about the changing status of women in India. The Gandhian era and the decades after independence have witnessed tremendous changes in.

Essay on Role Of Women In Society

The women's rights movement is a good example of how women have come across very strongly, fighting for their political, social and economical status.

Sep 11,  · The seventeenth century was not an era of drastic changes in the status or conditions of women. Women continued to play a significant, though not .

The changing status of women essay
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