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Specific progress targets are linked to senior executive key performance Sustainability wesfarmers under the annual incentive plan. Although more work is required, the gap is predominately due to differences in pay across industries, location and the relative supply and demand for certain qualifications, as well as individual performance and Sustainability wesfarmers.

Wesfarmers leaders visit Alice Springs Members of our executive team visited Alice Springs in June to further enhance our collective cultural awareness capabilities. The disease has re-emerged in the Queensland coal industry after almost three decades and as of 4 July11 coal miners have been Sustainability wesfarmers with pneumoconiosis in Queensland.

The initiative will continue in A copy of these reports may be obtained via the WGEA website. This objective is a commitment to hiring the best person for the job, which requires consideration of a broad and diverse talent pool.

This year, we made progress across all areas of our RAPwith the following highlights. Of all roles, part-time employees account for 62 per cent of all permanent employees or 45 per cent of our total workforce.

Given the diversity of the Wesfarmers portfolio, each division has developed its own gender diversity plan in line with the Group policy, tailored to the specific circumstances of that division. We recognise the importance of increasing flexibility at senior levels for both males and females. Sustainability wesfarmers and safety Safety Keeping our employees, contractors and visitors safe on site continues to be a key priority for Curragh.

The objectives are reviewed annually and are intended to remain relevant to the Group over a number of years. People Diversity We strive to create an inclusive work environment, with particular attention to gender diversity and the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Over this period the company has aggressively moved to close any pay equity gaps. The trip provided opportunities to explore Indigenous culture, history and engagement. Women currently hold 89 per cent of part-time role incumbents at a manager level or above.

In addition, Wesfarmers Group and the divisions conduct various forums and events to increase awareness, to create networks and to facilitate sharing of practices that increase inclusion for all team members.

This objective seeks to embed gender diversity initiatives into our broader talent management processes in order to support the development of all talent.

Sincea Group review of gender pay equity has been conducted annually, with results reviewed by the Board and divisional Managing Directors.

An independent report by Monash University, commissioned by the State Government confirmed that the respiratory elements of a health screening system to protect Queensland coal mine workers had failed.

Wesfarmers recognises the value that diversity can bring, which includes: Our criteria for assessing leadership capability and potential are based on behaviours and traits that are gender-neutral.

Safety performance total recordable injury frequency rate This objective aims to ensure equal pay for equal work across our workforce. Wesfarmers has developed and implemented a Diversity Policy that aims to foster diversity at all levels within the Group.

Across all roles, women and men were recruited evenly 49 per cent women, and 51 per cent males. Wesfarmers divisions are taking up this opportunity in a variety of ways, including increasing flexible work arrangements for both male and female managers and advertising new roles as being available on a flexible basis.

A focus on increasing representation of women in leadership is embedded in a variety of Group and divisional talent management practices including talent reviews, formal leader development i.

The use of these themes helped focus operational and training efforts, while also simplifying the communication tasks. Foster an inclusive culture: At 30 JuneWesfarmers had 3, Indigenous team members, representing 1.

This year, 39 per cent of externally recruited positions and 35 per cent of internal promotions all manager level and above roles were filled by women. This increase was reflected across various levels of management, including leadership teams, senior manager and manager levels, with only the General Manager level experiencing a slight decline in the representation of women managers.

Sustainability Report 2015

The Group Managing Director meets at least once annually with each division to formally review senior leader performance and development, succession plans for critical roles and the pipeline of high-potential leaders.

While the risk of exposure to high concentrations of coal dust is mostly associated with underground mining environments, Curragh — an open-cut mine — took action following the release of the report findings to enhance its existing compliance with industry standards.Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous engagement To continue creating value over the long term, Wesfarmers is committed to engaging with its local communities and minimising its environmental impact.

Wesfarmers is committed to establishing community partnerships with organisations focused on Indigenous programs.


We have supported the Clontarf Foundation sinceand in agreed to a new, three year partnership with an increased financial contribution to assist the Foundation’s national expansion.

Wesfarmers, owner of Coles, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, as well as major coal and chemicals operations, will be among the companies most heavily affected by the new carbon price scheme. Our commitment to sustainability. Wesfarmers will only be sustainable as a corporation if, in addition to its continued financial success, it adequately addresses a range of other issues which are both significant in their own right and.

Wesfarmers and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Wesfarmers supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 SDGs present a broad sustainability agenda focused on the need to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and respond to climate change by Wesfarmers Resources has investments in two open cut coal mines.

We are a leading metallurgical coal producer and supplier of thermal coal for domestic power generation.

Sustainability wesfarmers
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