Rhetorical situation of ronald reagans challenger address

According to Hauser 21we can trust people who speak with integrity, who make virtuous decisions and those who appear to be truthful. America listened to the commentary on what seemed to be a perfectly normal space shuttle mission.

First, the national tragedy called for praising the dead and consoling the living. First, in assisting the nation mourn properly and to not allow the strategy stall the space program. First of all, his delivery expresses his feelings. Reagan also shows proper modesty by including himself among those who have become complacent about Rhetorical situation of ronald reagans challenger address phenomenon of space travel.

When he instills hope in the American people for the future, he proves to them that, although this is a setback, it is just the beginning, and we will continue forward. Print Shown by fast essay resource in Work cited Hauser, Gerard A.

He claims that the Challenger men and women were wonderful people and deserve to be remembered, that we will forge on, and that the space program will not end with this disaster.

Regan tolerates as amongst the most well-liked American presidents and his speeches for instance this one about the Challenger accident touched the people and it is absolutely a clear clue of his massive popularity. At this point, space exploration was at its peak, and all of America was following the space program.

Among other things, the program served as a symbolic indicator and expression of American values and possibilities Sizemore The emphasis on the theme of exploration gives the audience the frame on which to mourn the deceased. Reagan uses many techniques to execute his goals to help the nation recover, eulogize those who lost their lives, and to instill new hope in the American people.

Furthermore, the speech contained the most prominent features of his rhetoric: He uses ethos to communicate shock and grieve to the Americans while comforting the American people and reassuring them the importance of the program. The delivery styles of these two speeches are based upon the exigences they deal with.

On the challenger mission there were 7 men and women, including Christa McAuliffe. He used a language that purposely avoided evocative imagery and sought to check such evocation. Finally, as suggested above, the space program served as a symbolic indicator and expression of American competence, innovation, and progress.

This is truly a national loss. He describes their character: It depicts a connection between characters and ethos. He also has a more quiet delivery to pay homage to the lives of the Challenger victims. The morning of Tuesday, January 28th,schoolchildren went to school, the adults of America woke up and went to work.

And then, after only one minute and 12 seconds, the space shuttle exploded into a puff of smoke. Instead, Ronald Reagan addressed the exigence created by the tragic space shuttle crash. However, it is important to note that Reagan is addressing a national tragedy, allowing him to be more emotional and raw with his speech, as opposed to Bush, who is addressing a national attack, leading him to appear stronger, and more fired up.

The American citizens had high prospect of the program of space exploration as they saw it as an outlet to bring the country an enormous sense of accomplishment towards science and technology. In great pain, it is possible to forget the reality. Reagan sees the tragedy as an opportunity for advancement and uses the logos and ethos of the Space Program to show how far we have come since the program was started and shows the commitment to continue.

He also begins to eulogize the loss of the seven astronauts that died, as well. He noted that the program will continue regardless of the loss as Americans are determined, strong-willed and the program was the symbol of American progress.

The best way for Reagan to achieve his goals, he has to instill in America unity and a feeling of release, as the issue is over and has been addressed.As President of the United States, Ronald Reagan was tasked with responding effectively to the rhetorical situation generated by the Challenger disaster, one shaped by three primary exigencies.

First, the national tragedy called. This whole situation, seen by the eyes of America, created an exigence that needed to be addressed by the president, at the time Ronald Reagan. Ironically, the day of the Challenger disaster was the day the State of the Union was to be delivered.

Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation in Ronald Reagan’s Challenger Address

But they, the Challenger Seven, were aware of the dangers, but overcame them and did their jobs brilliantly. We mourn seven heroes: Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe. Speech Assignment.

Rhetorical analysis of Reagan The Challenger Speech

Name: School: Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation in Ronald Reagan’s Challenger Address. Introduction.

In January 28,America woke to the sad news of the death of all the seven crew members. For my rhetorical analysis essay, I would like to do the public statement that President Ronald Reagan released after the explosion of the space shuttle, the Challenger.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft

Reagan’s The Challenger Address is widely considered one of the finest speeches of the 20th century (Eidenmuller 27).

He proves what magic can happen when there is a mastery of the rhetorical situation.

Rhetorical situation of ronald reagans challenger address
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