Projected presidential polls

At the center of discussion was the filing of top cabinet posts. The transition team completed all transition binders on schedule last Thursday. Election Projection cannot screen all advertisements appearing here.

Election Projection is once again tracking the presidential election throughout the primary season, during the national conventions and into the fall when interest will build Projected presidential polls a crescendo in advance of Election Day. The plan is to present Trump with top recommendations for cabinet secretaries.

However, that advantage is being undermined by the parade of negative news cycles against her. That means just a slight turn in the political winds could quickly land this race in razor-close territory.

Iowa and New Hampshire have registered the first real data on the nomination battles. Clinton expressed great gratitude to family members, staffers, Americans, and the first family for their relentless support.

Be sure to come back often for a quick summary glance at which candidate has Projected presidential polls upper hand. So, barring a Hillary indictment, an unlikely contested GOP convention, or a third-party candidate put forth by Republicans unsatisfied with Trump, we are looking at Trump-Clinton tango in November.

Still, the passing of Labor Day remains a significant milestone of the election season. Presidential Election Overview December 15, President Barack Obama is in the evening of his eight-year presidency. Judging from his persona, such an about face seems highly unlikely to me.

Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are two independent candidates who will appear on some or all ballots. Here are a few: ET Donald Trump just finished speaking to his reporters at the Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan, declaring victory in the presidential race and confirming that Clinton had conceded.

2016 Presidential Election Forecasts

Donald Trump is projected to win only Iowa among the states carried by President Obama in But a second Clinton in the Oval Office is by no means a foregone conclusion. And we see that truth in striking display in the latest state and national polls.

Donald Trump is the man of the hour, though. The current projections you find here reflect that hypothetical matchup in the general election. This has not yet become a tight race, but it certainly is a race worth watching.

But, in truth, smart money is on the business mogul and reality TV star to win the right to face the Democratic nominee in November. So where do things stand exactly nine weeks from November 8?

So, there is little doubt Clinton is the favorite out of the starting gate. Spring Update - Is there a landslide coming? Clinton became the matchup-apparent, still holds a commanding lead in the Electoral College. The Race for the White House, edition, does not feature an incumbent.

Next year, it falls again to the people of the United States to choose someone new to lead our nation. These three takeovers move the projected EV tally to for Clinton and for Trump.

Only once since the Great Depression has the U. They covered cabinet secretaries, domestic and foreign policy, White House operations, timelines for the transition and national security.

2016 Election Forecast

And who would have expected that back when Hillary was 40 or 50 points ahead in the polls! His likely foe is, as it has been from the moment Joe Biden declined to run, former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

May his victory speech be his guide and preserving the Republic his aim. Donald Trump won the election with electoral votes. One thing they say loud and clear is that Donald Trump is as unliked as any nominee from any party in our lifetimes. Hillary Clinton won Minnesota, increasing her electoral vote total to Email Last Updated Nov 10, 5: That happened in when Republican George H.

Projected presidential polls Clinton, as she has been from the moment Trump vs.UPDATED 11/17/16, AM ET – Here is the Presidential Election Electoral Vote Map and State-by-State Projections, as well as the actual Results Map. A table is below the maps with links to General Election polls for each state.

You can see National Polls on the “Trump vs. Clinton” race here. May 27,  · In 's presidential race, the winner will be By Ray C. Fair. Economist Ray C. Fair's presidential election forecast does not favor the Democrats. Although polls can at times be. Presidential Election Polls.

The White House is up for grabs in Check here often to see who is ahead in the polls. Sep 11,  · It plans to publish a map and tables of its projected results on Slate, the online newsmagazine. Get the latest national and state polls on the presidential election between Hillary Clinton.

Create your own forecast for the presidential election. Create your own forecast for the presidential election A few people have reported problems viewing certain toWin election maps and/or polls.

If you have an Ad Blocker in place, please disable it. is an interactive Electoral College map for and a.

Nov 10,  · Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband former U.S. president Bill Clinton depart after voting in the U.S. presidential election at the Grafflin Elementary School in.

Projected presidential polls
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