Literature review total quality management

Feigenbaum defines quality as a tool composite products and service characteristics of marketing, engineering manufacturer and maintenance through which the product and service in use will meet expectation of the customer. Operate quality control- a production strategy designed to ensure product quality that involves one employee or a small group of employees responsible for all aspects of making a product and ensuring product quality.

According to Iyayidefines total quality management as both a route to philosophy of excellence. He said that Literature review total quality management in an organization means providing products and services that have good qualities to a high degree. It could be supplier of goods or supplier or services.

Customers satisfaction, leadership quality policy, organizational structure, training for total quality management, quality cost suppliers, selection and developing employees involvement quality circles recognition and reward.

Strategic framework for implementing total quality management identified and assessed the degree of commitment, key interests and listed down the long-term changes required as defined in the objective of organization.

Always devising strategies that will give organizations differential edge is necessary. He described quality management in terms of a trilogy that consist of quality planning quality control and quality improvement.

Kia has its corporate headquarter at Lekki express way, Lagos. Operating cost- cost associated with the management a dunning of company. Product quality productivity iii. It was established in pursuant to a joint venture agreement between the Federal Government and the Diamler-Benz AG of Germany carries on the business of manufacturing, assembly, importation and sale of CKD sets fore Mercedes Benz commercial vehicles.

It has a factor size ofsquare meter. Apart from the trucks, buses and cars the company also produce utility vehicles such as MBL troop carrier, MEL 24DB water tanker hire bed trailer, refuse collection disposal vehicle, mobile clinic spatic tank emptier, ambulance etc.

They Kia motors achievements are as follows; i. The company provides spare parts and also engaged in the repair of vehicles. According to Stevenson and Williamdefine total quality management as the ability of a product or service to consistently meet or exceed customer consistent expectation.

However, an operational style has been strategized by business managers. The first thing to get right in the service industry is the human capital, the right people, the right management.

They also defined total quality management TQM as a philosophy about quality that is intended to involve every on in an organization in quest for quality, with customer satisfaction as the driving force.Over the last two decades, service organisations have embraced total quality management (TQM) as an effective management tool to improve their service quality.

They have begun to show a keen interest in TQM by working on quality and related areas. Thirdly, during the literature review of TQM in service sector, empirical. literature review of total quality management on performance of nigeria brewery industry.

30 CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW - A CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS OF TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION The constituent parts of the concept of TQM have been part of human endeavours for a.

The purpose of this paper is to present a systematic literature review to identify new avenues of research in line with the ongoing changes in quality and management required to. Total quality management (TQM) is a revolutionary approach to effective management.

The research in TQM has emerged from practical needs of organizations embracing this philosophy, and the.


Literature Review Summary on Total Quality Management Words | 2 Pages. Literature Review Summary Quality assurance is the act of analyzing processes and monitoring operations to ensure that high quality standards are being met at all times.

Literature review total quality management
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