Land acquisition in zambia

This wage rate in rural India study included the following agricultural operations common in India: The Act goes beyond compensation, it mandates guaranteed series of entitlements to rural households affected.

These Bills lapsed with the dissolution of the 14th Lok Sabha. When government declares public purpose and shall control the land directly, consent of the land owner shall not be required. Laws can not be in conflict with each other.

For example the Daily Nation of 18th July came out with the headline: LARR as proposed severely curtails free market transactions between willing sellers and willing buyers. The State Lease will normally be given for a period of 99 years.

However, the regulations are weakly established legally and leave loopholes for discretionary powers. This system is not only open to abuse but also does not help achieve sustainable and structured development in rural areas. Government acquires land with the ultimate purpose to transfer it for the use of private companies for stated public purpose.

The Bill does not mandate a process by Land acquisition in zambia the time involved in land acquisition is reduced from current levels of years.

We therefore need a new structure that will address the inadequacies inherent in the traditional system.

Alienating land in customary areas in Zambia

Land acquisition in zambia of the process, enhancing the negotiating power of smallholders or the transformation of voluntary guidelines into law are clearly the responsibility of the local governments. More clarity is needed, perhaps with the option that each state have the right to hold a referendum, whereby the voters in the state can vote to approve or disapprove proposed public purpose land acquisitions through the referendum, as is done through local elections in the United States for certain public acquisition of private or agricultural land.

Fifty negotiations are currently reported as having failed. As ofabout In this incapacity must be acknowledged by the chiefs so that help can be sought from the technocrats who would ensure that the whole gambit of land administration is done sustainably even in rural areas.

Compensation as per newly amended bill is not distributed Under below mentioned circumstances Example[ edit ] Land acquired in the period bill is under discussion in parliament.

Now, for each one of these elements there is a certain minimum required skill set that would ensure an optimal land administration system. Compensation prices variation place to place 3.

The provisions of the Act does not apply to acquisitions under 16 existing legislations including the Special Economic Zones Act,the Atomic Energy Act,the Railways Act,etc. Given the elements involved in Land Administration is the current institutional framework at customary and traditional level able to deliver the much sought after development in rural areas?

Technocrats should administer land Did the Land Act take away the rights of the people to control land holding? However, when the mines were opened inthere was demand for the production of food to feed mostly the African population working on the mines and the related industries.

This site, which has recently undergone a major renewal, now also includes failed negotiations in its data bank. We are not suggesting that since the institution of the chief does not have the capacity to carry out the Land Administration function we should then do away with consulting them.

Chandrabhan Tale on 7 July that the fundamental right to property has been abolished because of its incompatibility with the goals of "justice" social, economic and political and "equality of status and of opportunity" and with the establishment of "a socialist democratic republic, as contemplated by the Constitution.

The Bill as drafted mandates compensation and entitlements without limit to number of claimants.

Land Acquisition In Zambia A Challenge-Caritas Zambia

However, when such land is sold it then is converted from customary tenure to leasehold and becomes the exclusive use of the one who has bought and done the conversion. Some criticize the Act citing that it is heavily loaded in favour of land owners and ignores the needs of poor Indians who need affordable housing, impoverished families who need affordable hospitals, schools, employment opportunities and infrastructure and industries.

As ably answered by the late President Levy Mwanawasa vesting of land in the president should not in itself be a problem because firstly the president is an institution and secondly such vesting of land is not a blanket allocation of land to the president.

The Land Act of is the guiding Act which recognises customary tenure. Two Bills on similar lines were introduced in Lok Sabha in State Land - comprising only 6% of land in Zambia.

The land is zoned into residential, commercial or industrial use by the District Councils according to their jurisdictions Customary Land - Approximately 94% of all land in Zambia is held under this system of tenure. Thereafter was born a radicalized law which gave power to the Republican President under Lands (Acquisition) Act Cap of the Laws of Zambia to compulsory acquire any land in the public interest.

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An Analysis of the Lands (Acquisition) ACT CAP 296 of 1970 – Chitimukulu

An Act to make provision for the compulsory acquisition of land and other property; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.

[10th February, ] 2 of 13 of "Court" means the High Court for Zambia; "land" includes any interest in or right over land, but shall not include a mortgage or other charge.

relationship between policy and practice associated with customary rights protections in the context of large-scale land acquisitions through a document review and case study analyses from Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, (also Land Acquisition Act, ) is an Act of Indian Parliament that regulates land acquisition and lays down the procedure and rules for granting compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement to the affected persons in India.

The Act.

Land acquisition in zambia
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