It220 lab 7

Part 1 Deliverables are due at the first break in Unit 7. This plan may alter previously designed and planned work. In Visio, illustrate the building simply showing six floors and note which IP subnet schema is assigned to that floor.

We will be using Classless subnetting. Keep the groups to at least three people but fewer than seven so that everyone has multiple roles and responsibilities.

IT220 Network Standards & Protocols

Projects This course had one project which is described below. A simple outline of the SOW must be created and approved by the instructor. If you were asked to plan a new network for a business owner who owned a six-floor building where the company had a different department on each floor, what would you do?

Submit your written work to your instructor. Each group should then gather to discuss the scenario. The last bit of information you require is how large is their largest department: This will be a working document, and will be further fleshed-out in parts two and three of the project.

Submit them in a handwritten form as full sentences in class April 20, Form groups Procedure Read the scenario your instructor will provide about Mr.

The generated report needed to be distributed to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis. This project had many requirements which were included in the project document such as the database design solution, cost estimate for all hardware and sofware, explanation and justification of all chosen hardware, software, scalability, expandability, and security.

For example, one member could begin to design the IP hierarchy, one could start a Visio drawing and another could begin to organize listed items into a chronological order. In addition the It220 lab 7 managers also needed to have the ability to pull reports showing which salesperson sold the largest number of vehicles and determine commission for their sales personnel.

The goal of the solution was to provide a centralized database that each site could access to determine automobiles in stock regardless of location. Define the subnets on paper. Here is some information to get you started: The teacher may assign groups or you may be allowed to create your own.

Each and every subnet will isolate one broadcast domain group from another. Once approved, each group can then more formally flesh out their plan, their process, and any new assignments of responsibility in the group.

Start planning Procedure 1. Chapter 15 Multiple Choice Questions Welcome to IT for Spring 09 Check here for your weekly assignments and labs. A plan needs to be created. Project Part 1 What is the purpose? Show all of your work. Start by preparing a list of hardware that you think will be needed for this project.

Answer the following questions. In addition to these items a slide presentation with audio was included at the conclusion of this assignment. To help stay on track, spend a few minutes each class discussing where each member is on their assigned parts of the project.

Submit the completed document to your instructor. The databas esolution was also needed to assist with sales, date of sales, make and model of sale, salesperson that made the sale, commission of the salesperson, actual list price, and sale price.

Weekly readings, quiz schedule and class project schedule are at the bottom of the page. The project is a comprehensive exercise for each you to apply what you have learned in each unit and apply it practically to a business goal for a common style of technical project.

Further, you should develop similar lists for software and services. This is a common security measure. Choose which subnet you will assign to which floor.

Individual and group deadlines must be strictly met! See who needs help, and coordinate all tasks to completion to meet the deadlines of the project. Assign the subnets and [email protected] by Sunday April 5, PM to recieve full credit.

Assignment Due Apr 6, It is a very large document of about pages, but for this lab, just read through three early sections: • Participants (Note how many influenced this standard.). ITT Technical Institute IT Database Development Onsite Course SYLLABUS Credit hours: 4 Contact/Instructional hours: 50 (30 Theory Hours, 20 Lab Hours).

IT Lab 5 Essay  Lab 5 Exercise is the IEEE working group and it provides standards and recommendations in architecture and internetworking in LANs and MANs Exercise The first to define PoE was af.

Lab 5 Exercise is the IEEE working group and it provides standards and recommendations in architecture and internetworking in LANs and MANs Exercise NT Introduction To Networking LAB Communications of Paths Exercise Creating a cloud computing would be the best option this way the all.

Here is the best resource for homework help with IT Intro to computers at ITT Tech Flint. Find IT study guides, notes, and practice tests from ITT IT_Chapter 4 review. 1 pages. Lab ITT Tech Flint Intro to computers Lab 7.

8 pages. LAB 5 ITT Tech Flint Intro to computers.

It220 lab 7
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