How to write a grid reference

It can also be used to generate grid references for use on our website. Then measure how far along the grid the lines are. The extra two digits describe a position within the 1-kilometre square.

To find a grid reference and also latitude and longitudefollow these steps: The Hill has a six-digit grid reference of The map below is in Zone 56H.

A grid reference locates a unique square region on the map. In Ordnance Survey maps, each Easting and Northing grid line is given a two-digit code, based on the British national grid reference system with origin point just off the southwest coast of the United Kingdom.

Grid references are useful for sharing routes, and quickly communicating to emergency services. They typically give accuracy up to 20 m but rely on good satellite coverage. A simple way is to give the four figure grid reference for that square.

As a general rule, all the new series maps have an aerial photo image on the reverse. Read the easting across first, and northing up second.

Care must be taken to quote all the zeros in the right place. April Learn how and when to remove this template message A typical map displaying grid reference Grid references define locations in maps using Cartesian coordinates. Most maps also include the Longitude and Latitude of the map at the corners i.

In an emergency, it may be possible to get enough mobile phone coverage to contact the emergency services and communicate the location of rescue.

Still remembering to go along the corridor and up the stairs, work out the extra numbers you need and put them into your four-figure grid reference like this in diagram E: In the UTM system, the vertical lines are called Eastings i.

The grid point is the top of a knoll on a large flat hill top. You can type anything, but this is a sensible value. The 6 figure grid reference is therefore Tools Coordinate plotting tools can aid plotting grid points on maps.

The precision of location varies, for example a simple town plan may use a simple grid system with single letters for Eastings and single numbers for Northings.Grid reference systems used with paper map series in New Zealand.

Grid reference

Grid reference systems covering NZ have been used in conjunction with paper based map series. In the current topo50 map series each map sheet has a unique ID such as CE When referring to a position we write the map sheet followed by the grid reference.

Understanding area and grid references Eastings and northings grid This diagram shows a square grid formed by a series of parallel vertical lines crossed by a series of horizontal lines. Area and grid references help us.

The 6 figure grid reference is therefore Since the map is a new edition map and uses the MGA reference system, the six-digit grid reference is ‘Hilltop MGA’. Example 3: Hill The hill lies on a grid line meaning that for a six-digit grid reference, the Easting has to include a zero at the end.

How To Read Ordnance Survey National Grid References. National Grid references are used to accurately pinpoint your location on an Ordnance Survey map. Numerical grid references consist of an even number of digits. Eastings are written before Northings.

Thus in a 6 digit grid referencethe Easting component is and the Northing component is Grids may be arbitrary, or can be based on specific distances, for example some maps use a one-kilometre square grid spacing.

A simple way is to give the four figure grid reference for that square.

4 Figure Grid References

This is done by stating the number of the easting which runs along the left side of the square Simply put, the vertical line comes before the horizontal line, like when you write a capital “L.

How to write a grid reference
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