History of skyscrapers essay

His definition denoted that the first two stories are given over to the entrance way and retail activity, with a service basement below, repeated storeys above and a cornice or attic storey to finish the building at the top. This specification History of skyscrapers essay holds good today.

The booming insurance businesses of the midth century were among the first enterprises to exploit the technological advancements, which made tall buildings possible.

Apart from a few high rise mansion blocks around Central Park, New York, the terraced house reigned supreme in the crowded cities of the pre motor car age, such as Paris, London, and Manhattan, and evolved to nine stories in ultra dense Hong Kong.

In the Manhattan Life Insurance Company held a competition for its headquarters, selecting architects Kimball and Thompson as the winners. Changes in urban life also encouraged the switch to taller, higher-density facilities. Messenger From the legendary Tower of Babel to the iconic Burj Khalifa, humans have always aspired to build to ever greater heights.

Its original owners were Frank W. This was a radical change in the shape of tall buildings, and the second generation of skyscrapers. Post and construction began October 10th, Woolworth Building - The Woolworth building is a unique skyscraper because it was financed in cash, unusual for any large comericial structure.

In the Singer Corporation sold the building, and in it became the tallest building ever demolished as it made way for the U. First planned to be feet, the final height stretched to feet. Its architect was George B. The building featured a few engineering firsts designed by engineer Charles Sooysmith.

Wikimedia Commons The mania for profit-driven tall development got out of hand in the late s, however, and culminated in with the Chrysler and the Empire State buildings. The number of stories is disputed; estimates range from the 26 stories claimed by the World to the 16 or 18 suggested by recent scholars.

Second-generation giants The Equitable Building, Manhattan. Vertical ducts unite the building with power, heat and circulation. The building is 30 stories tall, the interior could accommodate up to 1, offices, and its engineer was Nathaniel Roberts.

The building is feet meters tall, its architect is Cass Gilbert and its engineers were the Gunvald Aus Bessemer steelformed into I-sections in the new rolling mills enabled taller and more flexible frame design than the cast iron of the previous era; the newly-patented sprinkler head allowed buildings to escape the strict, metre height limit, which was imposed to control the risk of fire; and the patenting of AC electricity allowed elevators to be electrically powered and rise to ten or more stories.

Singer Building - The Singer building was construced in and opened in Its architects are Napoleon LeBrun and Sons.

History New York Skyscrapers Essays and Term Papers

The New York World Building was the tallest of several high-rise structures built for major newspapers in the late 19th century. The building has been remodeled numerous times and the four-clock faces are the only thing that remains today from the building.

History of New York Skyscrapers

Street trams, subways and elevated rail links provided the means to deliver hundreds of workers to a single urban location, decades before the European motor car appeared on American streets and reshaped urban form away from the city grid.

For instance, the Great Pyramid of Giza — built to house the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu — once towered over metres high. It was contracted in and opened in Race to the top. The building was constructed in and opened in It was the tallest man-made structure for nearly 4, years, before being overtaken by the metre-tall Lincoln Cathedral in the 14th century.A short history of tall buildings: the making of the modern skyscraper May 10, am EDT Yet these grand historical efforts are dwarfed by the skyscrapers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

- History of New York Skyscrapers The World Building – The World Building (also know as the Pulitzer Building) was originally owned by Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the New York World.

Its architect was George B. Post. A History of New York City Skyscrapers (with Bibliography) Essay examples Words | 19 Pages A History of New York City Skyscrapers Whenever anyone thinks of New York City one of the first things that come to mind is the.

History of New York Skyscrapers The World Building – Skyscrapers, Damping Systems, and Physics Essay - Skyscrapers are amazing. Architectural defeats. Wonders of the world. How are they able to withstand even the strongest of winds and earthquakes. Today, engineers rely on damping systems to counteract nature's forces.

A History of New York City Skyscrapers Whenever anyone thinks of New York City one of the first things that come to mind is the tall extravagant skyscrapers located in this city.

Since the late nineteenth century New York has been home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Jul 15,  · History of Philosophy. Philosophy is a vast field. It examines and probes many different fields. Virtue, morality, immortality, death, and the difference between the psyche (soul) and the soma (body) are just a few of the many different topics which can be covered under the.

History of skyscrapers essay
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