Family health assessment questions essay

She takes protonix daily. She could schedule a specific time for sleeping after doing a night shift and make sure she adheres to this. The parents reported that they did not have difficulty in sexual functioning and had a satisfactory sexual relationship.

The family engages in exercise activities such as hiking, biking, camping though not on a daily basis. This family currently has a good health status. What are your preferred ways of learning, retaining and obtaining information pertaining to your health? These activities help the family to build trust and unity.

The family does not have any special religious practices but believe in doing the right thing and treating others the way one would want to be treated. The coping strategies that the family uses include spending time with a friend or close family member, taking time away from one another and working.

In this Family health assessment questions essay a family is greater than the sum of its parts. Both parents Family health assessment questions essay a satisfactory sexual relationship and the two boys received some sexual education both at home and school.

The mother has had 8 pregnancies and 4 childbirths, two girls and two boys. How does the family describe the events that led to a change? How many hours of sleep on average per night do you and family members get? Do you as a family identify with any cultural, ethnic, religious, or other organizations?

The actions of family members affect all the members of the system. All the individuals are in good health. Do you have any problems with medical terms or information received from providers?

The children sleep hours every night while the parents sleep for about hours. What resources do you have access to or use already? The mother, daughters and ten year old son all have one sensory input disorder which is an eye disorders. How do as a married couple view marriage, parenthood and relationship as lovers?

There is no pain on urination for any of the family members. The family uses laxatives only occasionally, particularly after a plane trip or a long car trip. Other family activities include watching television, playing video games though these are regulated and viewed as a reward.

Do you feel rested in the morning? Sexuality and Reproduction The mother reported that she has had eight pregnancies and 4 births. They also have good elimination patterns with the exception of two family members who were having constipation.

Is there any diseases or medical complications that affect nutritional or metabolic function? The daughters are also long-sighted.

They are also involved in other activities such as karate, dance, piano and guitar lessons. The appearance of the urine is yellow and clear without sediments. The family enjoys activities such as hiking, swimming, hiking, camping and biking. This should be done in cooperation with all the family members.

Family Health Assessment Questions Essay Sample

One of the major stressors in the family is the fact that the father has no job. The family has a high level of physical activity and does not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

They do not have any obvious illnesses, rather they have regular health maintenance habits and regular health check ups.FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT 2 A family health assessment helps to formulate a care plan for the family based on their needs.

To assess the family chosen, family focused open ended questions were used based on eleven functional health patterns.

Gordon’s functional health patterns help to assist in data collection and development of wellness nursing diagnosis and interventions for the family%(). Family Health Nursing Assessment Essay. Management Corporations. Senior Suites is a private, family owned corporation.

The organization operates under the care of an executive, and senior leadership. Family Health Assessment Essay Words | 5 Pages. Family Health Assessment Grand Canyon University September 29, Family Health Assessment Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns is a system that was created by Marjorie Gordon in Place an order for a custom essay, research paper on this or related subject.

Family health assessment aims at using a holistic approach to ensure the health of individuals, communities and families to ensure that care remains client centered.  Family Health Assessment Ancy Jacob Grand Canyon University December13, Family assessment is an important device to analyze and to help a family regain their health status prominently.

By interviewing them, a nurse could get a holistic view on determining the family’s currant health status, behavior, and their way/ quality of life. Family Health Assessment A family health assessment is an important tool in formulating a health care plan for a family.

This paper will discuss the nurse’s role in family assessment and how this task is performed.

Family health assessment questions essay
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