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All I ask of you in return is that you will be a true lover, for love is wiser than Philosophy and mightier than power]. The Student does not realise how wrong his judgements are. Power and Philosophy triumphed over love.

Not everyone ends up in a fairy tale like that of beauty and the beast. This fairy tale is very incisive and, despite its apparent simplicity, leaves the reader with a clear moral message: Oscar Wilde definitely gives a new view of love. On the other hand, it is very difficult to distinguish between real, authentic love and a more superficial sentiment, and only a very sensitive person can appreciate the full value of this feeling.

It demonstrates how one life would sacrifice itself in order to make another happy. She therefore did what she was told to do. The Nightingale of course also valued her life, but she was ready to lay down her own life for the happiness of the young couple.

What may seem as true love may turn out to be nothing but selfish desire that blinds people from what is real. One irony here is that it seems to us that the only character that gives pure and unconditional love in the story is the nightingale. This essay will concentrate on just one of these stories.

We also see the irony in that exact line, the nightingale expects that the student will appreciate, understand and prioritize love above anything else yet in the end of the story, the exact opposite happens.

It is quite intriguing to see that the one character that really shows true love is not repaid even the slightest bit. She is willing to sacrifice her life for love; for the Student to be able to spend one night with the girl he supposedly admires.

The girl was interested only in power and money, and the young man, in what he considered practical. As we are given hope that the impossible might be possible when the student is able to get a red rose, unexpectedly, as he gives it to the girl, they still do not share a romantic moment together.

The Nightingale and the Rose I like this story entitled The Nightingale and the Rose because the power of love shown by the nightingale is so amazing. It will include a thorough analysis of the story including my views and opinions towards the language, imagery and setting that the author uses.

What the nightingale did not wish to happen, happened. The Nightingale was love. What a pity it is that they do not mean anything, or do any practical good.

Theme Analysis ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ by Oscar Wilde

This makes us understand two things: Another irony is that the nightingale sacrifices his life for love and happiness, which turns up to be useless and shallow [ The student was very angry, so he threw the rose away and returned to his reading.

In paragraphswe also see a great change in the student who was supposedly had deep feelings for the girl and who was expected to fight for his love. He felt miserable because he could not find a single red rose in the whole garden to give to his love, and he knew that without the rose she would not agree to dance with him in the ball to be given by the prince the next day.

For her love is eternal music, love is the most precious thing: She is one with the sorrow that the student feels tries to find the red rose that will be the supposed key to the happiness of the two people [paragraph 6, ].

The theme is conveyed in this story through the actions of the Nightingale. However, there is a great irony waiting in the end of the story. She liked the red rose because it was a flower that was sure to cost a lot yet she loses interest in it when she gets real jewels that cost more than the flower.

The story is set in a garden of fantasy — it is full of talking creatures and trees; not unlike the Garden of Eden in the Bible, which had a talking snake. From the introduction to almost the end of the story except the last 6 paragraphs fromthe author tries to establish that the story is about true love- understanding it, finding it, and sacrificing to get it.“The Nightingale and the Rose”, a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde, is a meaningful story following the theme of Love.

The theme is deeply conveyed in this story through the characters’ different attitudes toward Love. Essay on A Literary Report on "The Nightingale and The Rose" By Oscar Wilde 'The Nightingale and the Rose' by Oscar Wilde 'Nineteenth Century Short Stories' is a collection of tales from the nineteen hundreds.

This essay will. The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde Words | 10 Pages.

The Nightingale and the Rose

blossoming, The Nightingale and the Rose is one of his most well-known works. This tale reflects the author’s glorification of natural beauty, artificial beauty and also the beauty of devoted love.

Beauty and art were the measure of all things. Free Essay: Appreciation Forgotten The fairy tale of The Nightingale and the Rose, by Oscar Wilde published inis a story of the consequences of not. Theme Analysis ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ by Oscar Wilde ‘Nineteenth Century Short Stories’ is a collection of tales from the nineteen hundreds.

This essay will concentrate on just one of these stories. “The Nightingale and the Rose” by Oscar Wilde Situational Irony is very evident in “The Nightingale and the Rose”.

Nightingale and the Rose

The outcome of the story is far from what readers expect.

Essays nightingale and the rose
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