Chinese beer market competitor analysis marketing

But Beer is about national pride.

Beer Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Beer preference also varies according to geography. The reasons for this include: Heineken is attempting to educate their Chinese consumer base, informing them that the bitterness symbolises better quality.

Not only this, but they have different cultures, social levels and, as a result, a huge difference in their preference of beer. It has been acquiring and creating many joint-ventures with Chinese breweries since that time thus becoming one of the most demanded beer producer in China.

Article provided by Chinese Institute.

What is the potential of the Chinese craft beer market? Empire Farmstead Brewery going to find out

Chinese beers often contain rice, sorghum and sometimes rye in addition to barley. Her population is nearly five times more than United States even though both have about the same geographic area. Social media and WeChat Today, being active on social media is a must for a brand, and your imported beer brand is not an exception to this.

You can not only find imported beers in these specific shops. Beer consumption is still low on a per capita basis: Ended,the country can be described as a collection of regional markets,with very few companies able to operate on a truly national level.

Chinese beer market competitor analysis marketing doing this your target audience will convinced very fast and will eventually buy your imported beer. E-commerce Is it normal to sell your foreign beer online? T is forecasted that India with its higher fertility levels will take over China to become the most populous country by N this case a local player who has net work of distribution will enhance the availability before aggressive promotion nation wide.

Eliminating with the locals would also allow a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture. Beer is often served warm. We recommend you sell your beer in a large city, because here you find the biggest demand for your imported beer. Imported beer vs domestic beer Why do Chinese consumers prefer imported beers?

Chinese Beer Market Competitor Analysis Essay

Still, love for luxury and rapidly shrinking Chinese middle class in recent years made bear market more open for foreign producers, whose products are regarded as luxury and high quality. Companies have to consider the gap between the developed and less developed markets,where a uniform marketing strategy is not feasible,considering the large scale of the Chinese market.

However, their results are often not as effective as Budweiser. They will simply buy another brand if your beer has e bad e-reputation. Cost-plus pricing assures that all costs,both fixed and variable,are covered and the desired profit percentage is attained Promotion: Guiana Synonymous with networking; process of exchanging favors A major source of competitive advantage Example: Chinese consumers and especially the younger generation have grown a thirst for foreign beers.

Increasing demand for premium beer As it was mentioned above, beer market in China is the fastest growing in the world. Therefore, an online approach has definitely more benefits for your imported beer if you want to sell in China.

Beer distribution in China from producers to distributors is via a set of distributors and wholesalers. The vast market makes foreign players to suffer from effective reach.

Smaller cities are also showing more interest in foreign beers and can be a great place to market your beer brand. They also purchase more than they did ever before. This development in the beer market has caused some misconceptions to form surrounding foreign beer brands.


It is always good to enter in to the Chinese market through a Joint venture. Best ways to market your Beer in China Online vs Offline Another choice that you have to make, is deciding whether if you want to take your imported beer brand to the online market.

China’s Beer Market

We give a small excerpt below: The profitability of individual companies depends on effective marketing and competitiveA Country-Level Analysis of Competitive Advantage in the Wine Industry the long-term potential that this largely undeveloped market represents” (AgExporter, ).

Moreover, half are teetotalers and the other half prefer beer or spirits (Moulton et al, ). Converting more Americans to wine from other spirits has great potential. Beer Production - China Market Research Report affected by slowing economic growth and abnormal weather conditions, the beer market growth slowed, with revenue growing % and output decreasing % purchase to read more.

Industry Statistics & Market Size “The industry analysis available in IBISWorld has been a staple in our. If you take everything in consideration, the Chinese beer market could be the opportunity of a lifetime for your imported beer brand.

Today, you could be a small beer company, but tomorrow you could have many fans in China and be a real threat to the other competitors. Marketing news and analysis for CEO, Entrepreneurs, and Top. Chinese Beer Market Competitor Analysis & Marketing Planning Quick Overview: Aire Valley Breweries plc,a UK brewing company that manufactures premium bottled beers,lagers and stouts.

Market research: Beer market in China is the fastest growing in the world Chinese customers, while being one of the biggest beer lovers in the world, consume more beer than any other country. Beer market in China is the fastest growing in the world producing billion liters of beer in China’s beer industry is entering a new era, and it finds itself needing to satisfy a new set of cravings.

How to Market Imported Beer in China

Millennials make up a third of the country’s population and they are switching to imported premium brands, flavoured alcoholic beverages and ciders.

What are the opportunities for foreign and domestic beer in the Chinese market?

Chinese beer market competitor analysis marketing
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