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A theatre within the Generalife is the site of international performances of music and dance. It is 37 feet 11 metres square and is topped by a dome whose centre is 75 feet 23 metres high.

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After the expulsion of the Moors inmuch of the interior was effaced and the furniture was ruined or removed. At the base of the plateau, the Darro River flows through a deep ravine on the north. Serallo, built during the reign of Yusuf I in the 14th century, contains the Alhambra palace de los Arrayanes Court of the Myrtles.

The buildings of the Alhambra were originally whitewashed ; however, the buildings as seen today are reddish. The name of the Sala de los Abencerrajes also spelled Abencerrages is taken from a legend in which Boabdilthe last sultan of Granada, invited the Abencerraje chiefs to a banquet in this room and there massacred them.

The castle was then largely Alhambra palace until the eleventh century, when its ruins were renovated and rebuilt by Samuel ibn Naghrelavizier to the emir Badis ben Habus of the Zirid Dynasty of Al Andalus, in an attempt to preserve the small Jewish settlement also located on the natural plateau, Sabikah Hill.

The colonnade is paved with white marble, and in the centre of the court is the Fuente de los Leones Fountain of the Lionsan alabaster basin supported by the figures of 12 white marble lions, emblems of strength and courage.

The Mexuar is modest in decor and houses the functional areas for conducting business and administration. A steep ascent leads past the Pillar of Charles V, a fountain erected into the main entrance of the Alhambra.

The birka helped to cool the palace and acted as a symbol of power.


Fountain of the Lions[ edit ] In the centre of the court is the Fountain of the Lions, an alabaster basin supported by the figures of twelve lions in white marble, not designed with sculptural accuracy but as symbols of strength, power, and sovereignty.

Detail of Islamic calligraphy in Mexuar Hall: There is a fountain in the middle of this hall, and the ceiling—a dome honeycombed with tiny cells, all different and said to number 5,—is an outstanding example of Moorish stalactite work.

They are adorned by varieties of foliage, etc. The hill site of the Alhambra had been occupied by a citadel and possibly by a palace since the 11th century, but little of those earlier constructions has remained. Surrounding the court is an ornately decorated gallery supported by white marble columns.

It was a little challenging finding the Hotel by car due to the restricted roads. And so the incredible neglect continued, until when the Alhambra was declared a national monument.

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In an earthquake caused further damage to the complex. According to surviving documents from the era, the red castle was quite small, and its walls were not capable of deterring an army intent on conquering. Alhambra palace walls are covered with varied stucco works, surrounding many ancient escutcheons.

Because water was usually in short supply, the technology required to keep these pools full was expensive and difficult. This court is feet 43 metres long by 74 feet 23 metres wide. The beds were extremely comfortable. Travellers and romantic artists of all countries had railed against those who scorned the most beautiful of their monuments.

Underneath it, to the right, was the principal entrance, and over it are three windows with arches and miniature pillars.

This praises the beauty of the fountain and the power of the lions, but it also describes their ingenious hydraulic systems and how they actually worked, which baffled all those who saw them.

Reino de Granada by Francisco Javier Parcerisa, After the Christian conquest of the city inthe conquerors began to alter the Alhambra. All of this was subservient to the great Tower of the Ambassadors in the Palacio Comares, which acted as the royal audience chamber and throne room with its three arched windows dominating the city.

There is a fountain in the middle of this hall, and the roof — a dome honeycombed with tiny cells, all different, and said to number — is an example of the "stalactite vaulting" of the Moors.

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The restaurant was excellent, we had two very good meals plus good breakfasts. Carmel, Ireland Lovely location, perfect for visiting the Alhambra. Peter, United Kingdom The hotel in is a great position above the town and right next to the Alhambra Palace. Great spot for a late afternoon drink watching over the city.

There are nine windows, three on each facade, and the ceiling is decorated with white, blue and gold inlays in the shape of circles, crowns and stars. The Nasrites were probably the emirs who built the Alhambra, starting in The bathrooms were open to the elements in order to allow in light and air.

Although it was the most expensive hotel we stayed in during our 2 weeks of travel in Spain, we were glad we chose to stay here as the ambience was great. Lovely bed made up with clean crisp bedding. Archivo Mas, Barcelona Alhambra:Hotel Alhambra Palace is a landmark luxury hotel and palace in the heart of the Alhambra in Granada.

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Ticket sale, guided tours and tourist information of the Alhambra. The name Alhambra comes from an Arabic root which means "red or crimson castle", perhaps due to the hue of the towers and walls that surround the entire hill of La Sabica which by starlight is silver but by sunlight is transformed into gold.

But there is another more poetic version, evoked by the. Alhambra Palace is located just outside the Alhambra’s ancient walls, offering spectacular views over the city of Granada/10(K).

Intrigued by the history and art of Alhambra, the eponymous palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada in southern Spain, Dr. Nasar Rustom hoped to one day bring the culture, art, and splendor of Alhambra to the city of Chicago.

Alhambra palace
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